Enlarging heating surface by coiled thin stainless steel or brass strip, or with fins, results in decreasing surface temperature and increasing element lifetime. Method of heat transfer is forced convection by fans or rarely natural convection .
     Aplication: Air dryers, shrink foil packaging machines, air conditioners, convectors, protection against condensation and defrosting in electric machines, transformers, high voltage switches etc .


      Galvanic heaters with protection sheath are made in ceramic, titanic or stainless steel tubes depending on heating media. We also deliver heating cartridge without tube. Tubular galvanic heaters are made of stainless steel and are shaped according to baths and installation method .
     Aplication: Heating of pickling and plating baths for different kinds of surface protection and other chemical and electro-chemical processes .


     Parallel heating cables constant wattage (15 to 45 W/m) are simple for installation and very flexible. Length of every heating section is 1 m. Heating cables are braided with tin steel braid due to mechanical protection .
     Aplication: Maintenance of temperature in pipes, containers and vessels, defrosting of outlet pipes and water collection trays, defrosting of doors and floor heating in cooling chambers, defrosting of evaporators etc .


     Used for heating of expansion screws where solid and long lasting connection is essential. Heating of expansion screw enables tightening of the screw. After cooling expansion screw returns back to same length thus ensuring solid connection. Heaters are produced in standard diameters Ø 18,Ø 24, Ø 25, Ø 26 and Ø 28, length by demand .
     Aplication: Large electrical machines such as turbines, generators, motors, ship engines, large presses etc .


      Soft annealed copper tubular heating elements can be easily bent to follow pipeline curve. These heaters are used to maintain temperature of fuel oil in the pipelines to enable transfer of fuel oil. We deliver heaters with protective caps and leaders, length up to 4 m .
     Aplication:  Heating of installations with fuel oil and other materials .


      Heaters cast in aluminum body or heaters pressed into grooves in steel, brass or aluminum body enables even temperature and heat transfer on parts with large heating surface. Produced in different shapes and dimensions .
     Aplication: Plastic industry (extruders, plastic welding), packaging machines, heating of tools and machine parts etc .


      Tubular heating elements for defrosting evaporators and evaporator trays have special protection of connections due to high moisture rate. They are also used for refrigerators, refrigerated cabinets and other refrigerating devices .
      Cartridge heaters are used for heating oil in compressors before start-up. They can be directly immersed in oil, or heating may be indirect. Heaters are produced with protective hoses and connections resistant to moisture .
      Heating cables are used for defrosting evaporators and evaporator trays, doors and floor heating in cooling chambers .


      Elektrotermija has developed wide range of heaters used for medical devices and equipment in laboratories, hospitals, institutes, pharmaceutical industry .
     Aplication: Dry and steam sterilizers, distillers, etc .


      These heaters represent often solution for direct heating of fluids such as water, oil, etc. Complete heating surface is immersed in heating fluid. Tubular heating elements are U-shaped and welded on threaded or flat flanges or nipples. Wide spectrum of flanges as well as materials for flanges and heaters enables us to meet almost every costumer's requirement. We deliver heaters with protective caps, thermostats and thermal fuses and thermostat protective tube .
     Aplication: Boilers, tanks, steam generators, thermal oils, gearing box and hydraulic oils etc .


     Cartridge heaters are made of brass and stainless steel tubes standard diameters from Ø 6 to Ø 30 mm, other upon request. Length of the heater upon request, from 40 to 3000 mm. Elektrotermija produces several different types of cartridge heaters: classic cartridge heaters (with connections on one end, or two ends), with angular connections, with protective hoses, with threaded or flat flanges, with sliding contacts, with embedded thermocouple, medium density cartridge heaters, with one connection for low voltages .
     Aplication: Plastic industry, packaging industry, shoe machine industry, rubber industry, woodworking machinery, chemical industry, heating of tools and machine parts .


      Produced in two standard dimensions 122 x 60 mm and 245 x 60 mm. Resistance coil is embedded in ceramic. On request we produce heaters with embedded thermocouple .
     Aplication: Plastic, rubber, fabric, paper, food industry, packaging industry, vacuum packaging, thermoforming, drying of paint, ink, epoxy resins etc .


      Elektrotermija produces a wide range of different heaters on ceramic bodies. Resistance coils are placed in longitudinal holes or grooves on oval, rectangular, hexagonal... ceramic bodies or suspended on ceramic bearers. Heat is transferred by radiation, convection or forced convection .
     Aplication: Dryers, fans, indirect heating of liquids, industrial furnaces, storage heaters etc .


      Maximum temperature up to 1300 ° C. Dimensions, shapes, power and voltage upon customer's requirements. Coils are supported on ceramic bodies and bearers .
     Aplication:  Industrial furnaces, convectors, packaging industry, dryers etc .


      Elektrotermija has developed wide range of tubular heating elements for special purposes. Wide range of mechanical and electrical connections as well as materials enables us to meet almost every costumer's requirements. We produce heaters to costumer's drawings, samples or we design and produce heaters according to costumer's needs .
     Aplication:  Heating of tools and machine parts, plating bath heating, circular heating, heating of railway cars and tramways, heating of powders, duct heaters etc .


      Resistors are made of high quality NiCr wire wounded on flat or grooved ceramic cord and used to smooth peaks in electric circuits. We produce resistors only to costumer's drawing, sample and to costumer's requirements .
     Aplication:  Starting of large electric motors etc



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